Community Council

Clovenfords and District Community Council is the most local tier of elected representation, and acts on behalf of the community. We are a voice for their local area, ascertain and express the views of the community to local authorities and other public bodies, and carry out activities for local residents.

Meetings are held monthly at Clovenfords Primary School, at 7pm unless otherwise stated, where community councillors, Scottish Borders councillors, invited guests and members of the public discuss a range of local issues. Draft minutes of previous meetings and agenda and papers for upcoming meetings are available below.

The current members of the community council are:

  • Richard Howard (Chair)
  • Jennifer Jepson (Vice Chair)
  • Mike Bowden (Treasurer)
  • Sheila Turnbull (Secretary)
  • Chris Whitmore (Planning Representative)
  • Jennifer Jepson (Resilient Communities Co-ordinator)
  • Alison Wilson
  • Bartek Koszteyn
  • Cathy Wilson
  • Stuart Bell (ex officio as councillor for Tweeddale East)
  • Shona Haslam (ex officio as councillor for Tweeddale East)
  • Robin Tatler (ex officio as councillor for Tweeddale East)

If you are interested in joining the community council, please come along to one of our meetings and introduce yourself, or contact us at the address below.

Contact us

Post: 26 Valley View, Clovenfords, TD1 3NG.

2021 meeting papers (minutes and agendas)

Meeting papers from previous years

Accounts for the financial year ended 31 March:

Other documents: