Your Community Council needs…YOU!


 Nominations are invited from members of the community whose names appear on the current Electoral Register for Clovenfords & District Community Council area.

The Community Council consists of a maximum of 12 Members.  In the event of there being more nominations than places on the Community Council, an Election will be held.

Nomination Forms can be obtained from:

  • Cllr Stuart Bell, Rowanlea, 7 Vine Street, Clovenfords, TD1 3LU
  • The Clovenfords Hotel, 1 Vine Street, Clovenfords
  • Downloaded here Nomination form 2021

The final date for the return of completed Nomination Forms is 7 pm Wednesday 18 August 2021



  • Cllr Stuart Bell, Rowanlea, 7 Vine Street, Clovenfords, TD1 3L
  • The Clovenfords Hotel, 1 Vine Street, Clovenford   (there is a Nominations’ Box)

Mobile library service back in operation

In light of the pandemic, the Mobile Library Service service is starting up in a new guise, beginning with one Mobile van covering the entire area. The route has been planned to ensure that the needs of individual rural communities are met and allow people to hop on board and choose a book.

This will work on a three week schedule to give plenty of time for you to enjoy your chosen books. While we have been off the road, we have purchased a range of new stock and we are sure that you will find a new and exciting read on board. Your safety is our priority and so we have implemented safety features with COVID guidelines, so please be aware you may have to queue.
The next date for Clovenfords is Tuesday, 13 July 2021 at 11.45 am.

As the schedule may have to be tweaked every now and then, please check the dates on Live Borders website, telephone 01750 726400, or send enquiries to:

Clovenfords Primary end of term celebrations

Community council surveys

Thank you everyone for responding to the surveys the Clovenfords & District Community Council carried out recently. The response was very high, and the results will be analysed and discussed at the next Community Council meeting. It was also very helpful to receive all the comments. Although SBC will be conducting an official survey towards the end of the trial period, our survey was very informative for a local response to both surveys.

Resilience group Christmas message 2020

This has been a year like no other. Bringing difficulties to so many; but bringing out the good in as many. Good neighbourliness and kindness have prevailed around our village and many new friendships have been forged in this way.

A massive thank you to the Angels and all members of the Resilient Community Group who have been active this year; it has been appreciated by many residents. The Angels’ COVID activities were officially ” paused” in August – but many of us continue to support as required.

If you, or anyone you know, needs any help or assistance over the Festive period, please get in touch with us at , or reach out to your Angel, and we will do our best to help.

Wishing you and yours happiness at Christmas and a healthy 2021. Stay safe and well.

Freda & Jennifer

Beware of scam calls

We’re aware of scammers pretending to be the NHS contact tracing service. Remember, you should never give your card or bank details to anyone who calls you. If you receive a cal from the National Contact Tracing Service you can call them back on 0800 030 8012 (wait 5 minutes for the line to clear if you are on a landline).

Beware Scammers During Coronavirus

Unfortunately, scammers are still operating during the Coronavirus emergency 🙁

We have been made aware of a telephone scam received by a local resident yesterday. They received a call telling them that a sum of money (£600 in this case) had been transferred by their debit card and sent abroad. Resident put down the phone and telephoned their bank direct. Bank confirmed that is was a scam but warned the resident that they may try the scam again.

So everyone please be vigilant of all such telephone calls and never give your bank or personal details out over the phone – your own Bank will never ask for those. If in doubt, put down the phone and then ring your bank direct (not using any phone number the scammer gave you).