A talk on the 17th century witchcraft trials in the Scottish Borders with Mary W. Craig, author and historian.

Join Mary W. Craig as she separates fact from fiction and delves deep into the dark past of the Borders’ witch trials.

on Friday 1st September                          7.30pm (doors open at 7pm)  Caddonfoot Hall, Clovenfords              £5 includes refreshments

booking not required, tickets on the door (cash only)



Caddonfoot Hall presents ‘Borders Witch Hunt’

A talk on the 17th century witchcraft trials in the Scottish Borders with Mary W. Craig, author and historian.

Join Mary W. Craig as she separates fact from fiction and delves deep into the dark past of the Borders’ witch trials.

on Friday 1st September
7.30pm (doors open at 7pm)
at Caddonfoot Hall, Clovenfords

£5 includes refreshments

Caddonfoot Hall



at the Village Hall

7.00 PM


  1. Present
  2. In attendance
  3. Apologies for Absence
  4. Approval of the minutes of the last AGM held on 3 May 2022
  5. Trustees’ Report
  6. Chairperson’s Report
  7. Treasurer’s Report and Approval of Accounts
  8. Election of Management Committee for 2023/24                                                                 User Group Representatives                                                                                                              Other members not belonging to a user group – up to a maximum of 4
  9. Election of Office Bearers: Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary
  1. Appointment of Independent Examiner
  1. Date of next AGM
  2. Meeting Closed


Extraordinary General Meeting

                  Caddonfoot Hall

      Extraordinary General Meeting

Motion to amend the 1987 Deed of Trust

     to be held on Tuesday 2 May 2023

                  at Caddonfoot Hall

                         7.30 pm


  1. Present
  2. In Attendance
  3. Apologies for Absence
  4. Introduction
  5. 1Outline of the Motion
  6. Vote taken
  7. Result of vote
  8. Closure


Caddonfoot Village Hall – 2023 AGM and EGM





The Trustees of Caddonfoot Village Hall are holding an Extraordinary General Meeting to approve changes to the Deeds of the Hall.

Residents in the Clovenfords & District Community Council area over the age of 18 are eligible to vote.



The AGM of Caddonfoot Village Hall will be held the following week on

Tuesday 9 May 2023 at 7pm in Caddonfoot Village Hall.

Farewell from the postie

“Hi, I have been the postman in Cloven for quite a few years and I have taken a wee package to finish work. I just wanted to say goodbye to all of my customers and say how much I enjoyed working in Cloven and will miss everyone who have been so friendly and kind to me over the past few years. Sorry I have been off work and never had the opportunity to say goodbye properly. Thanks, Davy”

Family disco with Mr Bojangles

Caddonfoot Hall presents

A Spring Fling

Family disco with Mr Bojangles

At Caddonfoot Hall

On Friday 17th March

From 6.30 to 9pm

£5 per child – all children to be supervised by an adult

Bring your own drinks and snacks.

Tickets from committee members

or email .

Scawd Law Wind Farm Application

Fred Olsen Renewables Ltd have applied to the Scottish Government for consent to construct and operate a wind farm north of Walkerburn known as Scawd Law Wind Farm.

Adverts have been posted under Public Notices in the Southern Reporter, Glasgow Herald, and Edinburgh Gazette.

The following are excerpts from the advert.

“A copy of the application, with a plan showing the land to which it relates, together with a copy of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Report discussing the Company’s proposals in more detail and presenting an analysis of the environmental implications, are available for public inspection in person, free of charge, during normal working hours at:

Walkerburn Village Hall, Galashiels Road, Walkerburn, EH43 6AF       Walkerburn Bowling Club, Station Road, Walkerburn, EH43 6DD

The EIA report can also be viewed at the Scottish Government Library at Victoria Quay, Edinburgh, EH6 6QQ; on the application website at or on the Scottish Government Energy Consents website at under application reference ECU00002111.

Any representations to the application may be submitted via the Energy Consents Unit website at; by email to the Scottish Government Energy Consents Unit mailbox at ; or by post to the Scottish Government, Energy Consents Unit, 4th Floor, 5 Atlantic Quay, 150 Broomielaw, Glasgow, G” 8LU, identifying the proposal and specifying the grounds for representation.

All representations should be received not later than 13 FEBRUARY 2023 although Ministers may consider representations received after this date.”

The following is an excerpt from Fred Olsen Renewables’ website relating to the application:


Fred. Olsen Renewables Ltd has submitted proposals to the Scottish Government seeking permission to develop Scawd Law Wind Farm, on the Holylee Estate, approximately 4km north of Walkerburn. The site, which lies along two ridges, comprises a mix of heather moorland and is currently used for sheep farming.

The final proposals have evolved considerably from what we were initially considering. Our earlier plans comprised up to 12 turbines at 180m to tip, alongside associated infrastructure and battery storage. Following consultation and in response to feedback we have amended our proposals and the layout now consists of eight turbines up to 180m to tip.

In addition, we appreciate the feedback that we received regarding the initial proposed access route from the A72 to the south of the site. As a result of these comments our plans propose an access route that is west of the site at approximately 1km south of Colquhar.

We are confident that our plans for Scawd Law Wind Farm are appropriate for the local area. Combined with the substantial community benefit amounting to over £8m during the lifetime of the wind farm, we hope that Scawd Law Wind Farm can present many opportunities for the local community.

Community consultation

We have undertaken a range of consultation about our proposals. This included a series of events, online and in person. The last events were held in September 2021.

If you were unable to take part we would very much welcome the opportunity to:


If consented, Scawd Law Wind Farm will provide over £8m in community benefit throughout the lifespan of the project. We have been working with the community to ensure that the community benefit can address identified local challenges such as energy consumption, fuel poverty, connectivity and improving access.

In addition to the community benefit we are offering a community ownership package of up to 5% shared revenue.

We want to hear your views on how the wind farm can continue to support your community and meet local aspirations.

Get in touch by emailing 

Clovenfords and District Community Council


Christmas Services at Caddonfoot Church

You are warmly invited to join us at Caddonfoot Church through Advent and as we celebrate Christmas. Children are always welcome.
Christmas Eve Watchnight Service, Saturday 24th December 2022, 11 p.m.
Nine Lessons and Carols, Sunday 1st January 2023, 9.45 a.m.
Wishing you all God’s blessings for Christmas and the New Year, from all at Caddonfoot Church
(Painting by Catherine Bird © 2022)