Resilience group Christmas message 2020

This has been a year like no other. Bringing difficulties to so many; but bringing out the good in as many. Good neighbourliness and kindness have prevailed around our village and many new friendships have been forged in this way.

A massive thank you to the Angels and all members of the Resilient Community Group who have been active this year; it has been appreciated by many residents. The Angels’ COVID activities were officially ” paused” in August – but many of us continue to support as required.

If you, or anyone you know, needs any help or assistance over the Festive period, please get in touch with us at , or reach out to your Angel, and we will do our best to help.

Wishing you and yours happiness at Christmas and a healthy 2021. Stay safe and well.

Freda & Jennifer

Beware of scam calls

We’re aware of scammers pretending to be the NHS contact tracing service. Remember, you should never give your card or bank details to anyone who calls you. If you receive a cal from the National Contact Tracing Service you can call them back on 0800 030 8012 (wait 5 minutes for the line to clear if you are on a landline).

Beware Scammers During Coronavirus

Unfortunately, scammers are still operating during the Coronavirus emergency 🙁

We have been made aware of a telephone scam received by a local resident yesterday. They received a call telling them that a sum of money (£600 in this case) had been transferred by their debit card and sent abroad. Resident put down the phone and telephoned their bank direct. Bank confirmed that is was a scam but warned the resident that they may try the scam again.

So everyone please be vigilant of all such telephone calls and never give your bank or personal details out over the phone – your own Bank will never ask for those. If in doubt, put down the phone and then ring your bank direct (not using any phone number the scammer gave you).

Food bank collection boxes

Supplies at Galashiels Foodbank are very low presently, due to the increased demand from the public.
There are food donation collection points in Tesco, Asda, M and S in Galashiels, the Co op in Melrose, and collection boxes for dried or canned foodstuffs on the doorsteps at 40 Valley View (1st house on right) and 37 Lairburn Drive (3rd house from school entrance) in Clovenfords.

Food Order/Local info/Deliveries availability

The British Red Cross has collated information, by town, of what local shops/restaurants/etc are doing food orders, home deliveries, etc. The linked document which covers the whole of the Borders and below is an extract that covers Gala & Clovenfords:

Resilience Calendar 30-04-2020

It’s not an exhaustive list, for example, many local restaurants/take-aways not listed that are still open for deliveries or collections along with other places for groceries.

Clovenfords responds to coronavirus

WE’RE ASKING FOR VOLUNTEERS! Can you help? If yes, email

In response to the Coronavirus COVID-19 situation, we are standing up the Clovenfords Resilient group to provide support and help to those in our community that may need it.

To formally register as a volunteer under the Resilient Community banner (as we’re required to do by SBC), please provide your name, address, preferred phone number, email address, and what help you can offer eg picking up shopping, collecting medication, posting mail, dog walking, a friendly phone call to those socially distanced.

Only send your personal details to the email address; please do NOT post any personal data on public Facebook pages.
Please also confirm that you give permission to record your personal details on our volunteer register. This will ensure that any volunteering you do under the direction of the resilient community group will be covered by SBC liability insurance, etc. The data held on our register will only be accessed by the resilient community group coordinators and will not be shared with any other party or organisation (other than SBC as mandated). Only share data that you are happy to be held.

We have already has a very good response from existing volunteers and are always happy to take more. So don’t be disheartened if you don’t get a response for a few days and if you’re services aren’t immediately required. With the expectation that self-isolation for vulnerable groups will last for quite some time, we expect that volunteers will be required for a sustained period and there will be peaks and troughs as volunteers’ availability also changes.

Lastly, if you are a resident who needs help, or knows someone that is in need of or help, please contact us via email to .