Mobile library service back in operation

In light of the pandemic, the Mobile Library Service service is starting up in a new guise, beginning with one Mobile van covering the entire area. The route has been planned to ensure that the needs of individual rural communities are met and allow people to hop on board and choose a book.

This will work on a three week schedule to give plenty of time for you to enjoy your chosen books. While we have been off the road, we have purchased a range of new stock and we are sure that you will find a new and exciting read on board. Your safety is our priority and so we have implemented safety features with COVID guidelines, so please be aware you may have to queue.
The next date for Clovenfords is Tuesday, 13 July 2021 at 11.45 am.

As the schedule may have to be tweaked every now and then, please check the dates on Live Borders website, telephone 01750 726400, or send enquiries to: