Community defibrillator in action

A story from a recent use of one of the community defibrillators, shared with permission. These are located outside the Clovenfords Hotel next to the bus stop, and outside Caddonfoot Hall, and are available for use 24/7.

“Last week, my mum suddenly became very ill on her return home to Clovenfords. At the request of the 999 operator, we had to go and fetch the defibrillator from the pub to be used if necessary. My son sprinted to the pub and back to collect the defibrillator. I am pleased to say that we didn’t need to use it but knowing it was there was a big comfort to myself and my mum. My mum is now home and well. But I would like to say that the defibrillator is there to be used and people shouldn’t be afraid to use one. A great asset to a great community. Thank you.”

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