Commonly used terms in community council minutes

AGM Annual general meeting
Area forum SBC committees which discuss issues specific to local areas. There are five for the Borders and Tweeddale Area Forum covers Clovenfords. The area forums consist of the councillors for the area and one representative from each community council in the area.
CC Community council
Cllr Councillor
ePlanning Web portal for planning application documents
Floral gateway Annual competition where Borders towns are judged on floral presentation, cleanliness and community involvement
Luggie Site at the end of Millbank Road where the old school was located (more info)
MIR Main issues report – documents prepared by SBC which sets out general proposals for policy development and land use within the Scottish Borders
PS Primary school
Resilient communities An SBC initiative to help communities to deal with emergencies (e.g. adverse weather)
SBC Scottish Borders Council
SBCCN Scottish Borders Community Councils’ Network
SEStran South East of Scotland Transport Partnership
Small schemes Funding available for minor improvement works which is approved by councillors at the Area Forums.
Tweeddale East This is the council ward containing Clovenfords and is represented by three councillors.

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